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Dissertation Journey: Start-up Swamp

How Do I Begin?

So you just finished all of your courses, and you passed your exams, and now you are ready to start your dissertation? 

But wait, you suddenly feel underprepared.  Where is the educational structure you have become accustomed to?   Why are you now on your own?

Start-up SwampYou may find yourself clueless about how to begin a project of such daunting scope. How do you begin? How can you find the right topic?  Where can you find guidance and support?  How can you get out of here? You are stuck in the Start Up Swamp!

The Doctor's Advice:

The Dissertation Doctor advises you to begin by examining your commitment.  Get a realistic picture of what this job is going to take and reorder your priorities.

Examine your perspective about the dissertation - you can get out of the dumps by first developing a positive attitude about this thing.  Stand in the perspective of choice - remember, you volunteered for this!  Develop structures that will work for you - structures for time, money, work space and find the support that you will need to be successful. And then just put one foot in front of the other and wade through the swamp until you reach firmer ground.

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