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Dissertation Journey: Gremlin of Procrastination

Procrastination. Dissertation writing seems to bring out the Procrastinator in us all.  And if you look closely, you are likely to find that on a deep emotional level you are basing your inaction on catastrophic fears that your gremlin has created.  What are you most afraid of? Is it fear of failure?  Or maybe even fear of success?  What are the negative messages your gremlin is using to sabotage your efforts?  You should know that your gremlin is sly and subversive and quite easily can transport you to a time when your survival felt threatened in an emotional sense. 

Procrastinating GremlinJust by detecting your gremlin and becoming conscious of the process whereby your gremlin is scaring you, you will begin to escape its grip and gain some clarity from which you can choose to get in action on your dissertation.


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