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Dissertation Journey: Gremlin of Perfectionism

Doesn't It Have To Be Perfect?perfectionist gremlin

One of the most common dissertation maladies is telling yourself that your dissertation had better be perfect. 

When your gremlin tells you that you or your dissertation is never good enough, the results are inability to find the perfect topic, endless revisions, and dissatisfaction with your self and your process. 

Look closely at the strategies your gremlin is employing.  You may find strategies like:  you CAN'T do a dissertation, you SHOULD be able to do this, you DON'T deserve a Ph.D. or some other assumption that disempowers you. 

No Dissertation is Ever Done

The truth of the matter is that no dissertation is ever done, is ever perfect.  Finally, you and your committee will decide it is good enough, you will submit it,  and you will move on with your life.


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