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Dissertation Journey: Misery Mountain Range

You are entering the last portion of the journey.  As you finally exit the jungle, you are probably out of steam; and there before you stands the most awesome mountain range you have ever seen.  

You see before you Overwhelm Peak, Exhaustion Peak, and the Peak of Despair.  You thought your journey was over, and now you have much more ahead.  Once again you face your writing demons.  You have to make meaning of your study.  Once again you have to face revisions and the Gremlin taunts you.  And then there is the sheer Oral Defense Terror. At first glance it appears impassable. You have arrived at the Misery Mountain Range. 

The Dissertation Doctor can guide you through the final hurdles.  If you look carefully between Overwhelm Peak, Exhaustion Peak, and the Peak of Despair, you will find the Ray of Hope Pass.  Many have journeyed here before you and survived, however, you are warned to check your Survival Kit before you go.  Maintain breathing, eating, sleeping, laughing, loving.  These supplies are certain to need replenishing by this stage of your journey.  And know that once you get to the other side, you will find your destination and will have completed a marathon journey!

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Journey's End
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