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Dissertation Journey: Gremlins' Cave
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What Is the Gremlin?

The Gremlin is a concept developed by Richard Carson in his book Taming Your Gremlin

The Gremlin is the inner voice that abhors change and demands the status quo.  It is what keeps you from moving forward and getting what you want in life.  The dissertation may be the biggest thing you have ever undertaken, and you can be sure your Gremlin is going to have something to say about it. 

Fear is the Gremlin's primary tool.  The Gremlin creates fear-based expectations such as: if you risk trying this, you are doomed to fail, be wrong, be rejected by your advisor, be embarrassed, look stupid, etc.

What Should I Do About the Gremlin?

The Dissertation Doctor suggests that it is important to notice the Gremlin in your dissertation process, recognize it and name it so that you can disempower it and begin to empower your newly emerging Creative Scholar.

What I have noticed in working with dissertation writers is a propensity for cancers, headaches, psychoses, and all sorts of unimaginable ailments which result from undetected gremlins.  You, however, can avoid such miseries if you only begin to detect the presence of your own gremlin.

Meet Procrastination and Perfectionism.  They are just two of the Gremlins that hang out in the cave.

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