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Dissertation Journey: Desert of Desolation

Just as you experience great exultation when your proposal is finally approved, you may again find yourself in another lonely stretch of the journey.

Don't Give Up

As you immerse yourself fully in the data collection, you start to find yourself running low on your reserves.  Fatigue takes over.  You may be running out of money; you may be running out of time; and those around you are giving up on your ever finishing. There is no relief in sight!  You have arrived at a Desert of Desolation.

Perspective and Persistence

The Dissertation Doctor cautions that this is the time to replenish yourself by reviewing your personal commitment and your perspective.

These are truly your greatest resources.  Image yourself with a Ph.D. after your name.  How will that feel?  Just keep trodding!  Perspective and persistence will see you through the desert.

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