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My Six-Year Struggle

I entered my Ph.D. program in June of 1992. Since I am a mid-life learner, I chose to attend a school without walls. There were only two times a year that the scholarly community met, in January and July. During the following six years, I struggled; completing course requirements slowly, with great insecurity about my ability as a scholar, and alone. For many years, I wondered whether I would complete the program. Evidently, the national average of Ph.D. drop-outs is around 65%.

I Found Her On the Internet

Finally, I made the decision to complete the work; and knew I couldn't possibly go it alone. At that point, and at the beginning Proposal stage, I searched the Internet for help. [www.dissertationdoctor.com] appeared, as did four or five others. After interviewing them all on-line, I spoke to three of the individuals in person to see what their services included and to see with whom I had rapport. Ultimately, I decided on Dr. Sally.

Weekly Sessions Keep Me Engaged

I have been working with her for a year, and anticipate completion of the dissertation in February 2001. The coaching has been invaluable in a number of ways: Weekly, hourly appointments help to keep me engaged with the work and on track. Sally continually assists me to create and reassess a realistic timeline. Each weekly session is devoted to my needs; including content decisions, emotional and moral support, and the management of my committee.

Throughout the process, my skills as scholar have developed. Under her watchful and gentle tutelage, I have matured as an author and no longer feel the dreadful insecurity that stymied my progress in the past. I greatly recommend the coaching process generally, and Dr. Sally specifically.


Jan Piraino, M.S.

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