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What are they saying about the Dissertation Doctor?

Dr. Ann Wachtler, as quoted in a San Diego Union-Tribune article:
"Basically, I needed someone to mother me through my dissertation," she says. "It requires you to face up to your demons, you need somebody who's been through the process... and sometimes you need somebody to let your hair down with that you don't have to worry about politically how this will effect your dissertation. My advisor is a wonderful person, but with Sally I can rant and rave -- and get good advice."

Dr. Rosie Mills, Director William Hodson Community Center
"Dr. Sally, you have unquestionably earned my respect. I would like to express my earnest gratitude to you for sharing your innate ability to always use the right words at key times of my academic journey, especially when I thought I had reached my peak of despair. Your intervention was pivotal when I felt isolated and became quite self-absorbed, stranded and
disconnected. Your coaching has been invaluable. The services that you rendered always seemed to have the human elements of moral and emotional support. The intelligence and brilliance that you possess and impart through your coaching techniques have ultimately resulted in the successful defense of my dissertation. The long process of getting through the seemingly impossible goal could have only been accomplished because you were committed to getting me focused. Dr. Sally, may you never extinguish that helpful demeanour."

Dr. Jan Piraino, M.S., Spiritual Psychoanalyst, Private Practice
"The coaching has been invaluable in a number of ways: Weekly, hourly appointments help to keep me engaged with the work and on track. Sally continually assists me to create and reassess a realistic timeline. Each weekly session is devoted to my needs; including content decisions, emotional and moral support, and the management of my committee."
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Dr. Verna Lynn McDonald, Clinical Professor, University of Redlands
"Dr. Sally is the only professor I have had in 13 years of University training who would give her summer to do an internship seminar with a new qualitative researcher. As the Dissertation Doctor she is committed, focused, and walks in integrity. I work in excellence on this dissertation because I have a coach who keeps me on track each step of the way."
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Dr. Carol Bakken, Consultant-In-Charge, Southern California Comprehensive Assistance Center
"Dr. Sally is brilliant, focused, well-read, insightful, and helpful. She is also witty and wise, helping keep it all in perspective. Thanks to her, I brought my study from proposal hearing to orals in four and a half months."

Dr. Anthony Rogers, Fire Chief
"Dr. Sally was my guiding light through my dissertation process. She was a coach, a friend, an academia, and motivator. She helped me understand that when you believe in yourself you give wings to your dreams. Thanks to her, I successfully defended my dissertation on schedule. I am eternally grateful. Thank You Sally. Dr. Tony."

Dr. Linda Brown, Educational Psychologist, Orange County Schools, CA
"Dr. Sally guided me through the dissertation process. It is a demanding journey. She has earned my gratitude and respect."

Mary McDaniel, Technology  Resource Teacher, San Diego City Schools:
"Dr. Jensen's coaching techniques provide the forum for finding your own power - the power to  be calm, the power to project, the power to finish. I'm on my way thanks to you."


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