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What is Dissertation Coaching?

Wise OwlImagine having your very own dissertation coach.

Meeting with the Dissertation Doctor® on a regular basis can dramatically boost your productivity, provide support, and help you to set up a structure with realistic goals to get you from ABD to PHD. From dissertation coaching you can expect to gain:

  • Self-confidence in your own abilities as a Creative Scholar that emerges from regular feedback and acknowledgment

  • Accountability knowing that you will have to report to your coach on your weekly dissertation progress

  • Multitasking and Prioritizing your weekly tasks to keep your dissertation on track

  • Breaking down the notion of dissertation as magnum opus which is something overwhelming and to be avoided at all costs into byte-size chunks which are humanly manageable

  • Focus that comes with dissertation deadlines and weekly accountability with a supportive dissertation coach

  • Clarity and objectivity from an external, uninvolved professional who is not politically invested in your Department

  • Venting to someone who is familiar with the workings of the dissertation process and can validate what you are experiencing


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