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Dr. Sally [Doherty] Jensen's Publications

"Cerebral Morphological Distinctions Between Williams and Down Syndromes." (with T.L. Jernigan, U. Bellugi, E. Sowell, J.R. Hesselink). Archives of Neurology, 1993, 50, 186-191.

"The Neurobehavioral Profile of Williams Syndrome is Associated with Neocerebellar Hemispheric Preservation." (with P.P. Wang, J.R. Hesselink, T.L. Jernigan, U. Bellugi). Neurology, 1992, 42, 1999-2002.

"Spatial Knowledge Acquisition by Children: Route Learning and Relational Distances." (with R.G. Golledge, N. Gale, & J.W. Pellegrino). Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 1992, 82(2), 223-244.

"Callosal Morphology Concurs with Neurobehavioral and Neuropathological Findings in Two Neurodevelopmental Disorders." (with P.P. Wang, J.R. Hesselink, J.R., & U. Bellugi). Archives of Neurology ,1992, 49, 407-411.

"Language, Cognition, and Brain Organization in a Neurodevelopmental Disorder." (with U. Bellugi, A. Bihrle, H. Neville, & T. Jernigan), In G. Megan & C. Nelson (Eds.), Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience. Hilldale, NJ: Erlbaum Press, 1991, 201-232.

"Acquisition and Integration of Route Knowledge." (with R.G. Golledge, J.W. Pellegrino, & N. Gale). In R.P.B. Singh (Ed.) National Geographic Journal of India: Special Issue on Spatial Context of Behavior-Environment Interaction, 1991, 37 (1-2).

"Neuropsychological, Neurological and Neuroanatomical Profile of Williams Syndrome." (with U.Bellugi, A. Bihrle, T. Jernigan, & D. Trauner). American Journal of Medical Genetics, 1990, 6, 115-125.

"Acquisition of Route and Survey Knowledge in the Absence of Vision." (with R.L. Klatzky, J.M. Loomis, R.G. Golledge, J.G. Cicinelli, J.W. Pellegrino). Journal of Motor Behavior, 1990, 22 (1), 19-43.

"Procedures for Haptic Object Exploration vs. Manipulation." (with R.L. Klatzky, S.J. Lederman, J.W. Pellegrino, & B. McCloskey). Vision and Action: The Control of Grasping.

"The Acquisition and Integration of Route Knowledge in an Unfamiliar Neighborhood Environment." (with N. Gale, R.G. Golledge, & J.W. Pellegrino). Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1990, 10, 13-25.

"Children Versus Adults' Knowledge of Places and Distances in A Familiar Neighborhood Environment." (with N. Gale, J.W. Pellegrino, & R.G. Golledge). Children's Environments Quarterly, 1989, 6 (2-3).

"Can You Squeeze a Tomato: The Role of Motor Representations in Semantic Sensibility Judgments." (with R.L. Klatzky, J.W. Pellegrino, and B. McCloskey). Journal of Memory and Language, 1989, 28 (1).

"Hand Configuration and Object Processing." (with R.L. Klatzky, B. McCloskey, J.W. Pellegrino, and T.R. Smith). Journal of Motor Behavior, 1987, 19 (2).

"Towards Reassembling the Image." (with N.Gale, J.W. Pellegrino, and R.G. Golledge). Children's Environments Quarterly, 1985, 2 (3).

"Developmental Changes in Neighborhood Scene Knowledge." (with J.W. Pellegrino). Children's Environments Quarterly, 1985, 2 (3).

"A Conceptual Model and Empirical Analysis of Children's Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge." (with R.G. Golledge, T.R. Smith, J.W. Pellegrino, & S.P. Marshall). Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1985, 5.

"Sex Characteristics and Roles." (with D.D. Bielby). In T Hughsen and N. Postelthwaite (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Education, 1985, Pergamon Press


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