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SallyThe story of The Dissertation Doctor actually began when I was working on my own dissertation at UC Santa Barbara.

My Two Dissertations

Actually, I did two dissertations -- the Dissertation from Hell (that was never completed) and the Smart Dissertation that quickly got me where I wanted to go -- a career research position at The Salk Institute of Biological Sciences

Although I got where I always intended to go, I found that THAT was not IT either. After a period of casting about in the Wilderness, I realized that my gift is helping individuals like you  to fulfill your ambitions and dreams.

Becoming a Dissertation Coach

As a first step, I took a position directing doctoral research at a University. In that role,  I helped scores of candidates to complete their dissertations and, in the process, discovered that there are very few guides to explain what you really need to know to complete the Ph.D.

What I had discovered was  an extraordinary need for guidance and support for individuals who have invested their lives in a dissertation, who, by all measures, have always been successful at accomplishing their goals, who are highly motivated to reach their destination; and yet, often face what seems like an insurmountable task.

To be able to guide individuals undertaking such an Olympian size feat as the Dissertation Journey, I trained in a model of coaching known as Co-Active Coaching at The Coaches Training Institute.

Today, I have created work that I love to do: through a combination of consulting and coaching, I help lighten people's dissertation load, support them to finish their dissertation, and help them get where they want to go.


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