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How will I ever finish my dissertation?

 Scholar with PhDSometimes it feels like you've been working on your dissertation for years -- worse, it feels like you'll be working on it forever, and are running out of time and money. Is this ever going to end?

Apparently you have a high pain threshold. NOW is the time to get it done! What will it take? What support do you need? Whatever it takes, make the commitment and do it!

Writing the Ending

If you have finished collecting the data and writing up your results, perhaps you have no clue about what to say in the last chapter.

This can be one of the most important but most difficult tasks in the whole process. This is not the time to let up but rather to make a final push.  But the good news is that, finally, you get to become creative! Everything so far has been rather prescribed, but now you are allowed a few liberties.

  • what's the answer to your original question?
  • what does it all mean?

This is the opportunity to integrate your findings and to make a fitting conclusion to the dissertation. By now you are immersed in your subject, and your reflections will be highly valued by your readers.

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