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Do I have to do this all alone?

Scholar with load of booksIsolation is one of the most painful experiences you may have while working on your dissertation. If often feels like you are doing it all alone. The only remedy for isolation is forming strategic connections.

Making Connections

I advise dissertation writers to get and stay connected with others who share the same interests. Rather than withdrawing to your ivory tower to write in isolation, join in your profession. Identify with other emerging scholars, present your research at every opportunity, attend conferences, subscribe to the important professional publications. Making connections rather than severing them to get this done may seem counterintuitive at first. But this is an endurance event, and you will need this safety net to keep going and to finish.

Having a Life Too

There is no point in finishing your dissertation and losing everything else in your life.  I suggest you sit down and write down all the things that are really important in your life (e.g. family, friends, significant other person (SOP), health, fun, etc.)  Then assess your current level of satisfaction with each of these.   Now you are in a position to write down your commitment for each area of your life and follow-through by setting the specific goals necessary for achieving your commitments.  Good luck!


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