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Choosing an Advisor

Wise OwlHere are Some Questions to Ask When Choosing an Advisor:

  1. Is this advisor knowledgeable in the area of research or scholarly activity you plan to pursue? Is his theoretical and methodological perspective consistent with yours?

  2. How productive is s/he? How recognized is his/her work?

  3. How many students does s/he advise?
    • What is the average time for completion of this advisor's Ph.D. students?
    • What is the completion rate for his/her advisees?

  4. What kinds of relationships and expectations does he/she have --
    • frequent interactions?
    • collaborative projects?
    • encourage independence?
    • handing out topics or helping students create research areas? or just hands-off?

  5. How long has s/he been on the faculty?
    • Is s/he tenured?
    • Does s/he maintain good relations with other faculty?
    • Is s/he likely to be in residence for the entire duration of your dissertation?

  6. How well does this advisor assist students in getting funding and finding jobs?


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